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Car Covers

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What is the best car cover for my car?

The most important thing is to find a fabric that suits your conditions, are you using the car cover inside or outside? Find a fabric that breathes and doesn't scratch. One of our most popular covers is called Noah. Noah is an indoor / outdoor car cover with a soft liner and great breathability. Best inside / Best outside

What is the best winter car cover?

With snow, frost and rain the best outdoor Winter covers are our polyester range of WeatherShield HP and WeatherShield HD. Polyester covers are stronger and more protective than non wovens

Are car covers good for your car?

A Lot of people have bad things to say about car covers because years ago all we really had were the nasty Chinese car covers from your local retail outlet. Now the fabrics are a lot more advanced. What makes our car covers the best is the fabrics and the custom fit. The fabrics are mostly made in the USA or Europe and the custom fit stops the covers from moving around and scratching the car

Will a car cover prevent rust?

Yes a car cover will prevent rust and it stops the water from entering the car and sitting in those places you can't get to

Are car covers waterproof?

This is a very common question. The problem with 100% waterproof car covers is that they don't breath. Usually if you read the fine print you will see - take off after the rain, take off every 7 days etc etc. The more waterproof the less the covers breathes. Our best waterproof car cover is the WeatherShield HP, this cover has a 98% waterproof but it still breathes. The cover has silicon injected into it as its woven