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2017-18 Jaguar F Pace

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  • Custom Patterned for a Perfect Fit
  • Triple Laminate Construction
  • Foam core center acts as an insulator
  • Helps reflect damaging UV rays
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • 5 Color Options Available


The Original Covercraft UVS100 Sunscreen has been a customer favorite for decades! These unique sun shades are made to fit your exact windshield specific to the Year/Make/Model of your vehicle. With a perfect fit to your windshield, you get maximum interior protection from harmful UV rays and damaging heat.

Unlike other flimsy sun shades, heat shields, or UV shields our Custom UVS100 Sunscreens use a thick foam core with a triple laminate construction and a soft felt backing. This means that you get superior insulation that reflects and absorbs heat to dramatically reduce the interior vehicle temperatures.

The unique design of our Custom Sunscreens allows them to be easily folded up when not in use perfect for compact storage. This makes it easy to fold up and stow behind your seat without fear of it getting stepped on. Our Original UVS100 is available in 5 colors to give your vehicle a unique look.

Keep your interior looking like new, prevent fading and cracking, and reduce the heat build-up in your vehicle with the Best-Fitting Custom Sunscreen. Perfect for the driveway, work, beach, or even for long term parking at an airport.

Note: Our Custom Sunscreens block out almost all light & UV rays that enter your front windshield, but due to the angle of some windshields there could be a slight gap around your rearview mirror or sides to allow the sun sunscreen to fit without damaging the foam core that is crucial to insulating your vehicle.

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